Ethna Barry

Ethna Barry was born in Birmingham England to Irish immigrant parents. She spent her early years travelling back and forth between the industrial heartland of Britain and the rural landscape of southwest Ireland. These early experiences of displacement have inspired her interest in landscape and elemental nature as a metaphor for the tenacity and resolve of the human spirit.

In 1988, looking for a new challenge and a new landscape she immigrated to Montreal where she currently lives and works. In her recent paintings, she explores themes of memory, connection to place, culture and identity. The isolated, uninhabited and uncontained terrain of rural Quebec, and the dense boreal forest, are inspiration for recent work. She continues to take annual trips to the southwest of Ireland, to draw and paint, and to re-connect with her own particular visual and emotional landscape.  Ethna  represents herself , her works of art can be seen on her website:


Judy Csukly

Judy Csukly was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Living by the ocean in her early years has given her a sense of colour, wind and water. Expressionism is the key to her creative process. Her first medium was watercolour which has helped give spontaneity and energy to her present art; that of acrylics and mixed medium. She paints quickly and with vibrancy and is always aware of how light dances across the canvas. Getting started is the hardest part, she waits  for the moment to "swing into action" letting the painting dictate to her what it wants......she believes that one should spend less time painting a painting than it takes the viewer to see it.

Judy was a teacher in Respiratory and Anaesthesia Technology for thirty years  at Vanier College and upon retiring decided to go back to her first love; that of painting. Her works have been sold in Canada and internationally. Her art is presently being shown in the Coal Wynd Art Gallery in Halifax.

Carolina Echeverria

 Carolina Echeverria is no stranger to controversy. Her past exhibits have always challenged the social norm. Carolina believes in the power of a woman to change the current of perception in today’s world. A stranger in a strange land, she has adapted to a new culture, but protected her true self from it at the same time. This delicate balance is seen in her paintings and displayed in her ìGarments for Survivalî – a series of metal dresses that combine delicate feminism with the instinct to protect that beauty.
The paint is so fresh, so alive, that it looks as though it were applied yesterday – vibrant, intense red, ochre, orange, and gold. Echeverria’s brush-strokes bring a sense of balance through these violent colors, that finally evoke serenity, beauty and calmness.

Chilean artist Carolina Echeverria explores her love for street art, body art, and idealism.
Born in Santiago de Chile in 1964, Carolina immigrated to Canada in 1986. She currently works and teaches at her studio on the Lachine canal in  Montreal, Quebec .

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Holly Friesen

Holly Friesen was born in Saskatchewan, studied Visual Arts at John Abbott College in Montreal and painting at York University in Toronto. Throughout many years of travel she discovered the portability of watercolours and honed her skills by painting on location. Settling in Mont-Tremblant, QC, Holly opened Artbeat Studio where she painted & taught for 20 years. While living & working in the Laurentians she painted from close observation of nature. She rediscovered the luscious physicality of oils and the textural versatility of acrylics. The scale of her paintings continually grew to accommodate the large movement she felt within herself and the earth around her. In 2008 she moved to Montreal bringing her internal images of the landscape with her. Her newest pieces are largely informed by these internal metaphors and dream images she encounters when painting from inside the landscape.

Monique T. Laxer

  Professional Artist for the past twelve years, she has been selling at the international level trough galleries in Canada and the Us . She is constantly researching different methods to add texture using medium such as sand , a variety of paste, oil pastels and acrylics on her paintings. The effects of these various media continue to fascinate her as an artist.

Her focus is mainly on the figurative form and bright colors . Painting occupies an important place in her life , it allows her to get in touch with her spiritual self , using her inner guidance to trust in the ever changing creative process of life.



Susan Lovell

Susan has been active in the artistic domain since the early 1970's. A candle maker, a sculptor, a singer and the owner of a recording and video studio, her first love has alway been painting.

She now teaches painting and drawing while pursuing her own personal  career as a painter.

"I am overwhelmed by the beauty and force of nature and the joy and despair of the human condition. I continue towards my goal of transmitting these feelings into my work"



Christine Marlow

Born in Montréal in 1954,  Christine Marlow studied Fine Arts at Vanier College .  Through the years working as a Fashion Merchandiser, she was always attracted to the creative pursuits in her career.
Marlow has participated in numerous workshops with other professional artists and has acquired a large spectrum of experience in different mediums :  Encaustic, Oils, Egg Tempera, Frescoes, Life Drawing, Mixed Media and Watercolours.  She has shaped and assembled these techniques according to her own intent.
 Christine Marlow knows how to create the illusion of a reality that touches her without trying to reproduce everything the eye can see, she sees no reason to compete with the camera in the pursuit of realism, but creates the illusion of the “presence of nature”.  She has a visual fascination in the natural forms of life and achieves a magnificent effect specifically with her oil painting of foliage, florals, and trees with an intense illumination.
At the moment , Christine is representing herself, she  has been represented by galleries:  Le Royer in Old Montréal, Blanche in Old Montréal, The Barn in Mont Tremblant and Rendez-vous art  in Vancouver.


Lucie Michel

  We don't become an artist. We are born an artist. I grew up watching my mother in front of her easel, passionate about her art. Stained glass, pottery, watercolor, photography, painting and especially drawing were a way of life for my mother and me.  I followed this artistic path to a career and have been teaching art classes for 20 years. I cannot imagine another job as fulfilling. My everday life is constantly inspired by my young students and their art. I hope I project onto them this love that I have inside me.

Having spent a good part of my life near the sea, my subjects are tied to nature. Water, trees, and flowers inspire me constantly; their mysterious lives always seeming to be communicating a message.
My main goal is to transform ordinary, everyday things into beautiful, lively objects of art.
I have art in my blood...It flows freely through my veins, sometimes like a lazy river..and sometimes like a torrent! My hope is to capture the essence of what I feel in my art for all to see and enjoy.


Marci Babineau

Marci Babineau has rediscovered her identity as a painter through her love of the natural world and the local food movement.  She uses her images of hens, bees and edible landscape as iconic for her work as a crusader for food security.  Having painted flowers as her first and foremost subject, she finds them now the perfect vehicle for inviting people back into the garden.




Sharon Branston

Sharon Branston was born in Montreal and studied Applied Arts at Dawson College,as well as taking various art classes and workshops in Montreal. Since she was a young child she has always felt the need to express herself through art. Sharon has spent most of her summers as a child and adult in the Laurentians where she feels a strong relationship with the landscapes. Amid these surroundings is where she feels the shouts and whispers of nature's colours and textures which are her inspirations.  Sharon enjoys working with the luscious brilliance of oils as well as mixed media and acrylics that allow her to create the illusions and impressions she finds in nature.  Painting enables her to experience and feel a spiritual like connection with nature's simplicity and intensity.