Flower Info

Flowers by Month

January : Carnation

February: Iris, Violet

March: Daffodil

April : Daisy, Peonies

May: Lily, Lily of the Valley

June: Rose

July: Delphinium

August: Dahlia, Gladiolus

September: Aster, Forget me not

October: Calendula (aka Marigold)

November Chrysanthemum

December: Pointsettia, Holly, Narcissus, Paperwhite


Flowers and their meanings

Amaryllis: Dramatic

Anemone: Fragile

Apple Blossom: Promise

Aster: Contentement

Azalea: Abundance

Baby's Breath: Festivity

Begonia: Deep thoughts

Black Eyed Susan: Encouragement

Camelia: Graciousness


Pink: Gratitude  Red: Flashy  Striped: Refusal  White: Remembrance Yellow: Cheerful


Bronze: Excitement  White: Truth  Red: Sharing Yellow: Secret Admirer

Cosmos: Peace

Crocus: Foresight

Daffodil: Chivalry

Delphinium: Boldness

Daisy: Innocence

Freesia: Spririted

Forget-me-not: What it says!

Gardenia: Joy

Geranium: Comfort

Ginger: Pride

Gladiolus: Strenght of character

Heather: Solitude

Hibiscus: Delicate beauty

Holly: Domestic happiness

Hyancinth: Sincerity

Hydrangea: Perseverance

Iris: Inspiration

Ivy: Fidelity

Jasmine: Grace and elegance

Larkspur: Beautiful spirit

Lavender: Distrust

Lilac: First love

Lily (Calia) : Regal

Lily ( Casablanca) : Celebration

Lily (Day): Enthusiasm

Lily ( Stargazer) : Ambition

Lisianthus: Calming

Magnolia: Dignity

Marigold: Desire for riches

Nasturtium: Patriotism

Orange Blossom: Fertility

Orchid: Delicate beauty

Pansy: Loving thoughts

Passion Flower: You guessed it!

Peony: Healing

Poppy: Consolation

Queen Anne's Lace: Delicate femininity

Ranunculus: Radiant

Rhododendron: Beware

Rose (pink): Friendship

Rose (red) : Passionate Love

Rose (red and white): Unity

Rose (white) : Purity

Rose (yellow) : Zealous

Snapdragon: Presumptious

Star of Bethlehem: Hope

Stephanotis: Good luck

Statice: Success

Sunflower: Adoration

Sweetpea: Shyness

Tuberose: Pleasure

Tulip (pink): Caring

Tulip (purple): Royalty

Tulip (red) : Declaration of Love

Tulip (white) : Forgiveness

Tulip (yellow) : Hopelessly in love

Violet : Faithfulness

Wysteria: Steadfast

Yarrow: Good health

Zinnia: Thoughts of friends